Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Greatest Band to Ever Come out of Lubbock

There's really nothing to say about this band except the first time I saw them, they made me wish I had been born and raised in Texas. I immediately wanted to hoist a state flag, buy a cowboy hat and gargle whiskey. I'm not kidding about this. I stumbled upon them at a place called "Hole in the Wall" on the UT Austin Drag and have since seen them 3 more times. They are simultaneously hysterically funny and sentimental Americana. Country music has never been so filthy.

There is truly nothing like the Beaumonts, who, contrary to what you might think from their name, are actually from Lubbock, Texas. Highlights include "Big Fake Boobs," "Let's Get Drunk," "Burn 'Em Down," and "Mayonnaise." As great as these tracks sound, the band simply must be experienced live.

Sample lyrics: " dick is so short that I piss on my balls, And my belly looks like it belongs on Santa Claus, I might be hideous baby, don't be so smug, 'cause I got money for drugs."

"She don't mind taking out her teeth and giving me some gum, Double A, R.P. I'm in love."

Enjoy it right here. If you like it enough, buy it and give these fellas the money they deserve.

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SIVA said...

I live in Lbk, and I have never even heard of these guys..