Friday, April 30, 2010

Funk it out

Once again, the weather has turned. Which of course means I'm listening to soul music, it's like a tic. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings have released a killer album on that old standby for delicious music, Daptone. I used to feel she was something of a novelty act, sounds like music you like from a time you like to imagine, but not something I'd sit down and listen to. Live act, awesome, albums not so much. Her latest is about as gritty and pure as soul gets. Try to listen to this and not FEEL it. The title track and Better Things To Do are absolute is the rest of it.


Second up, Erykah Badu. I was a huge fan of Baduizm and her earlier stuff, but I got a little lost with the outer-space, aliens stuff she got into around the millenium. That's not to say it was bad, just not my cup of tea -- very dense, very out there. Well she married the two in her latest effort and it's so effortlessly listenable, I have run through it a few times in the last week. She's still talking about aliens, but she's also talking about the real world and real life...which is a relief. It's smooth, it's full, it will actually make you pause and run those lines over in your head a few times and the music just rolls you along. Very much worth a listen.

The whole shebang

Friday, April 16, 2010

Workin It

Happy Friday errbody, hope you've all been killing your respective games this week. I've uploaded my work mix to 8tracks for you all to enjoy - just a bunch of jazzy beats to zone out to. What do you rock out to 9-5?

1. J Dilla - Donuts (Intro)
2. Damu the Fudgemunk - Colorful Storms (Ruff Instro)
3. Flying Lotus - Massage Situation
4. DJ Cam - Gangsta Shit
5. Dela - Stakes Is High
6. Samon Kawamura - U Nu
7. Four Tet - This Unfolds
8. Jel - All Day Breakfast
9. Nicolay - Light It Up
10. DJ Alibi - Tenth Round
11. Freddie Joachim - She Reminds Me
12. Sorcerer - Jump Rope
13. The Field - A Paw In My Face
14. J Ralph - One Million Miles Away
15. 40 Winks - Highwaves
16. Madlib - Two for Pay Jay
17. Rip One - In The Sky
18. Pete Rock - A Little Soul
19. 40 Winks - It's Here
20. J Boogie - Oceanic Lullaby
21. DJ Soulscape - Height 423
22. Quantic - Archipelago
23. Madlib - Slim's Return
24. Diplo - Sarah
25. St. Germain - Sure Thing
26. Waajeed - Starz
27. J Dilla - Mash
28. Lone - Sea Spray
29. Muneshine - Intergalactic
30. Johnny Alpha - Modern Women's Short Stories
31. Sound Providers - Autumn Evening Breeze
32. Quantic - Prelude to Happening
33. Mojib - Whimsical Lifestyle
34. Dimlite - Count Your Sunrises

Monday, April 5, 2010

Javelin- No Mas

Just picked up this album from Javelin entitled No Mas. These two cousins from Brooklyn have had a busy year opening for Yaesayer, rocking out with Mos Def and getting their debut album out. Just like the cover art to their album, these songs are mostly a fun cut and paste job of light hearted obscure samplings. While this album is laced with great move your feet to the beat summer tunes- I kinda wish this there was more of a flow between songs- a la The Avalanches album, Since I left You. That being the case-there are some ups and downs from song to song. Standouts for me have to be the dreamy Moscow 1980 & 60's Motownish Tell Me, What Will it Be. Give it a whirl, take it for a ride, tell me what you think...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Some of you may remember a particularly intoxicating tune on Justice's Cross album a few years back, The ppaarrttyy, featuring some chanting/rapping/singing by a deadpan, take-no-shit chick. That chick was Uffie. Word on the street is Ke$ha copied her whole shtick from Uffie, who has a sort of fuck you attitude crossed with some hot beats -- basically Peaches updated for a new generation (not that Peaches needs much of an update). There's no good explanation as to why you want to keep listening to her, she's not a great lyricist and she knows it, but dammit this song is awesome.

And if you haven't heard Sleigh Bells yet, check it.

On the One = Off the chain

A San Diego Jazz/ Funk/Rock outfit. Obviously disciples of the Greyboy boogaloo style, but the drummer is all his own brand of crazyfuckinawesome. And the bass player gets down on Bootsys basic funk style with some serious style of his own. I won't go comparing the sax player to Karl Denson, but I'm sure this dude has spent enough time listening to KD to hold his own in a face off.

This show was recorded in early 07 I think. All in all, this show/record is A LOT of fun.

On the One - Live