Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fleet Foxes

Yes, they sound exactly like My Morning Jacket/Band Of Horses/Crosby Stills & Nash/whatever. It's still great music by a great band. Are you too cool for great music now? Go fuck yourself.

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sigur Ros - Med Sud I Eyrum

New Sigur Ros: Same nonsense lyrics, totally different, folksy sound. Summer where their past albums have been winter. Totally works. Totally awesome. Probably their best.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sounds Of Summer

So its supposed to be about 90 in NYC over the weekend, officially marking the end of the 2 or so weeks between rainy spring and fuck-hot summer when its actually pleasant to be outside. That also means its time to whip out the summer jams, and year after year there's always two albums I return to come June:

PUTS are a rap duo who singlehandedly brought the golden-age, 1990s sound into the present. Everything about them sounds dated - the beats, the flows, the party-up lyrics. But that's the beauty of them, too...crystallizing a moment in time when LA was the hip-hop center of the world and even Tupac was rapping about enjoying sunsets. This is what hip-hop, at least at one point in time, was meant to be: relaxed yet focused, raw yet happy, pure yet universal. At this point, OST is 6 years old, but it hits me the same way it did when I was lighting Js in the high school parking lot. And I still maintain that the beat for "Montego Slay" is one of the best ever made.

"Acid Raindrops"

"Montego Slay"


Before this dropped, Phoenix was one of many dime-a-dozen French electropop bands to ride the wave of hysteria that followed Air's "Moon Safari". And then in 2006, Phoenix did something totally unexpected: they tried to make a Strokes album. And failed. Miserably.

The result, though, is an album of accidental genius. As much as they tried to bury their crack-addictive hooks under distorted guitar and half-baked production, the melodies shine through. This is a pop album with just enough edge, just enough rough to make the smooth work. You will hum this shit for months, I guarantee.


"Long Distance Call"

Phoenix - It's Never Been Like That

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Carter 3

I realize there may not be many Lil Wayne fans on here, but does anyone access to the Carter III? Larson I'm looking at you. If so please make my day and post that shit.