Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scion Presents Daptone Records Remixed

You would never know it by watching their terrible commercials, but Scion actually has a pretty robust music sponsorship program, and has commissioned mixes by some serious names such as Little Brother, Nicolay, Flosstradamus, and GZA.

This short sampler is their latest output, and it is funky as fuck. Daptone Records is a small label based in Brooklyn, and whose main group the Dap-Kings were the backing band on Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black". Here, some top DJs take their best tracks and blow them out into beat-driven grooves, while maintaining that throwback feel. And, the really cool part is that Scion has been offering the sampler for free off their website, just because.

I mean seriously, why do they still bother making cars?

Scion Presents Daptone Records Remixed

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

So, finally, it's here, Every track on here just bursts at the seams with so much ambition and creativity, it's overwhelming. I mean, can you think of another rapper who could do "Paris, Texas" and "Go Go Gadget Flow" on the same album? What he attempts here is just ridiculous. On one track, "Gotta Eat", he even personifies a cheeseburger.

And musically, this is probably the most fascinating rap album I've heard this year - way more than "Graduation", for instance. Check out this disgusting beat on "Little Weapon":

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Semi Precious What the FUCK?

Some of us were there, some were not. But those who were, will never forget it. I don't really know who these guys are or where they came from, but there they were, in the back of the bar, yelling "Show me your tits you fucking cunts!" It was spiritual. Needless to say, yes they are campy, yes they are outrageous, but yes they also rock (seriously the guitarist can shred). Fortunately they offer their album for free download, so here it is. However, it does not really capture the magnitude of the live performance.

Semi Precious Weapons - We Love You

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Some Brasses for Your Asses

One thing about music that fascinates me is how people seem to gravitate towards certain instruments. Personally, I've always been a sucker for the horns - without getting too spacey about it, there's something about the raw, unamplified power of them that embodies the way that music can physically affect you - and that's dope.

So, with that, I offer up two brass ensembles for your consideration. The first some of you might have seen busking in the subway stations and parks here in NYC. Called the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, they are made up of 6 brothers from Chicago plus a drummer. Here's a feature the NYT did on them awhile back: Currently they are touring Europe as Mos Def's backup band, which is SICK, so lookout for their return stateside in a few months.

Buy their Albums on ITunes

The Youngblood Brass Band is made up of 9 white dudes from Wisconsin, but you'd never know that by listening to them. Less jazzy than Hypnotic, they draw inspiration from the classic New Orleans brass sound and are more "jammier", for lack of a better word. They are all amazing musicians - in particular, the tuba player busts out some ridiculous basslines. Have a listen:

Youngblood Brass Band - Unlearn

Youngblood Brass Band - Unlearn

Friday, December 7, 2007


Behind the Curve

This album came out in September, but in all the hustle and bustle of new music releases, I'm just listening to it now. Slick album - he's slowed it down a bit without losing any edge, the momentum self-propels the whole album forward. Pretty impressive.

Talib Kweli - Eardrum

Fresh Beats Friday: Ghostface, Wu-Tang, Daft Punk

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

In Rainbows CD 2

So, just running through this for the first time as I type, and although there's some interesting shit going on, I think they selected the right tracks for the lead disc...which by the way, still gets more amazing with every listen. "Bangers and Mash", though, is some pretty heavy shit.

Radiohead - In Rainbows CD2

Representing - Van Hunt

Maybe I like this guy cause his voice his silky smooth. Maybe it's because he dresses like the r&b version of Andre 3000. Maybe it's because he calls himself Van Hunt (for real). Or maybe it's because he's from Dayton, OH (what what) my pseudo-hometown. Gem city baby, you know it!

Okay but actually I like this guy - very Jamie Lidell like but a little more blues on it. He's somewhere between Prince and John Lee Hooker. It's interesting. Needless to say - check out the myspace page - especially Seconds of Pleasure. Plus I like that crazy ass guitar he's sporting.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Get Fresh

These guys, The Cool Kids, opened MIAs show last night (who is definitely the coolest chick in the fucking land) and I was pleasantly surprised. They refer to themselves as the the new black version of the Beastie Boys - and the comparison is pretty apt. Old school beats with some new school tricks and the interlaced rhyming patterns - they gotta lotta kick. Check out the myspace - some good shit. Pump up the Volume and 88 are pretty hot.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tryptophan Hangover

After consuming two turkey sandwiches today for lunch I slowly began to fall deeper and deeper into the grasps of the dreaded tryptophan. As it overpowered my body it became increasingly difficult to maintain my posture and not fall into a sleepy daze. With one eye barely open, I realized something needed to be done quickly if I was gonna make it through the rest of the day. That's when I noticed in my inbox an email from one of my good buddies entitled "THAT NEW SHIT-JUST GOT NEWER!" Struggling to the move the mouse, I mustered all of my remaining strength and downloaded the two tracks. Upon listening to them I was immediately jolted from my comatoic state to the upbeat sounds of The Beastie Boys, Flock of Seagulls and Outkast. These come straight to you from DJ Rndm up in Boston. Get pumped!

Guitars and DJs

There's this DJ who keeps popping up on my Pandora station - Andy Smith. So I dug a little deeper, and this guy is saweet. Lots of old school breakbeats and motown samples, but without the sped up, gross high-octave vocals, much more sugarhill gang than kanye - that said, he's still done some beats for Common. I don't have any of his stuff myself, but you can download some shows from his website. This guy takes some really great old 45 samples. I like the Document II album quite a bit.

Also, continuing in the mode of discussing sweet shows we've recently seen...just saw Broken Social Scene performing parts of the lead man Kevin Drew's latest album as well as some old favorites. These guys are more than worth a listen. They manage to go from that end-of-the-world-tremendous-crescendo huge sound (4 guitars on stage help in this manner) to a completely pared and stripped stunning minimal style in an instant - and they pretty much have the audience in the palm of their hand the whole time. Indie shows have a tendency to be hit or miss - like maybe you want to sit down after the 5th song - but they managed to sustain pace and energy and make spine-tingling music.

Finally - I was in glorious StL over the holiday, and low and behold, what is the first article I stumble across in the RFT? See for and all.

Monday, November 19, 2007

A dozen heads are better than one

This is a group unlike many others. Titled The Polyphonic Spree, their instrumentation is based upon a choir of double digit numbers, a pair of keyboardists, a percussionist, drummer, bassist, guitarist, flautist, trumpeter, trombonist, violinist/violist, harpist, French horn player, a pedal steel player, a "theremin" and an electronic effects person. They provide a full, fun sound that is good to listen to and I'm sure would be a treat to see live. Enjoy.
The Polyphonic Spree

Thursday, November 15, 2007

funkadelajazzippidty hop

because it's taken me way too long to get to posting, rather than just download everyone else's stuff, I figured I should probably throw in something extra to the collection. Continuing my tradition of trying to spice up the blog with something new and different, I figured i'd add a little funkadelajazzippidty hop to the mix.

This is for those who aren't quite ready to fully commit to the jam scene, but are somewhat enticed by hippie chicks who haven't shaved since Gerald Ford was in office.

Soulive - Next

Greetings from Hippie Land

Salutations from the Hippie Land!

it appears i've stumbled into this world of "tight beats" and "fly rhymes" - very different from the world where we don't shower for 7 weeks and sit out in fields for 12 hours, letting the power of the chill tunes sink into our brains and let the sick vibes overcome our bodies. Hmm, perhaps that's just the hallucinogenics kicking in... Perhaps its time my culture extends our proverbial "piece" pipe to the hip hop/rap/electronica world in the hopes that one day we can all join hands, heal the world, save the environment, blah blah blah.

I've been digging through my hippie possessions and I've uncovered something from the history books... ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the live recording of the first ever WILD concert, at the world famous Brookings Quadrangle in 1969. The performers were a little known troupe from San Fran known as the Grateful Dead. For your listening pleasure, the band that needs no introduction... Grateful Dead @ WILD 1969

VA - I'm Not There OST

Eddie Vedder, Sonic Youth, Calexico, Stephen Malkmus, Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, Iron & Wine, Karen O, Sufjan Stevens, Jack Johnson, The Hold Steady, Mason Jennings, Jeff Tweedy, Willie Nelson, The Black Keys, and Antony & The Johnsons all do Dylan covers for this 2 CD soundtrack to the biopic, and they all do such a good job that you don't really have to be a Dylan fan to appreciate this album. It does help though, particularly for Sufjan's total reworking of "Ring Them Bells" and "Goin To Acapulco" with Jim James from My Morning Jacket.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Follow-up to Girl Talk

Girl Talk just played a very unconventional concert at Wash U. A lot of ins and a lot of outs, including some quality tasering. All in all it was a great show. Here's the write up about it on Mtv news.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fresh Beats Friday: Jay-Z, Little Brother, Cunninlynguists


All right, I'm just playin around I dont wanna get anyone too excited. This is a solid effort though. Dude calls himself Hezekiah and spits a smooth and clever style with legit substance. He's definitely got a bright future if he sticks to the gameplan. Album's called I predict a Riot.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Treat em like Freddy Krueger: Don't Sleep!

So there is this guy, Gregg Gills, and he is involved in a little project called GirlTalk. Ever heard of him? Well he has just teamed up with Frank Musarra (Heart of Darkness) to form the duo known as Trey Told Em'. Trey Told 'Em's mix is as off-the-wall as you would expect from Gillis and Musarra as song samples include everything from R. Kelly to Van Halen. I was lucky enough to catch these guys on my friend Gavins XM Radio show "In-Deed" on channel 43 this past week (another shameless plug). They did a live set that totally blew me away. I was so impressed that I had to close the door to my office and put off work for the duration of the 30minute set. I only wish Gills would now drop the GirlTalk act and tour with Musarra full time. Until this happens you can catch their music at
Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

American Gangster?

Anyone heard this yet? Got this yet? Can someone post?

A little more hip-hop for the Soul

From glancing over the recent posts it seems hip-hop has dominated the blog. So as a natural front runner, I'll add another lyrically powered yet musically comforting album to the mix. The artist of record here is Consequence. He clearly has studied under Kanye, who has a number of appearances in both producing and rapping on the album. Furthermore, the title, "Don't Quit Your Day Job," harks back to the theme of Kanye's first album of College Dropout. And unfortunately, those skits that try to add insight into the artist are ever present. There are of course good things that come with Kanye as a mentor, like that sweet sound that touches your soul while still a part of modern day hip-hop. So without further ado, enjoy this solid album that contains a few gems that you will no doubt be singing in shower, car, subway, maybe all 3 at once.

Pimps of Joytime

This is some great funky, latin soul outta Brooklyn. Been jammin this one pretty hard recently.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Caribou - Andorra

One thing that's always baffled me about electronic music is how 95% of it is dark, depressing shit. Sure, there's been like Fatboy Slim and similar big beat artists in the 90's that mixed that up a bit, but for the most part it seems like new artists refuse to leave the emotional space of their forebearers like DJ Shadow and Portishead. Has it made for some great songs? Sure, but who wants to brood all the fucking time? I listen to music mainly to lift my mood, not erase my will to live, as much of this stuff will do to you if you listen to it long enough.

So, naturally, I'm a real big fan of Caribou. Basically, think of the Zombies tastefully remixed by the Chemical Brothers, and you're in the ballpark. The beauty of this album is that they are a bunch of great pop songs first and foremost, and forward-thinking musical statements as a bonus - too often bands confuse those two (see: Amnesiac). Another great aspect of this album is the seamless blend of organic and artificial sounds...retaining the 60's instrumentation while simultaneously embracing the rhythmic complexity of modern music is one of this album's major achievements. Definitely somewhere in my top 10 albums of the year list.

Caribou - Andorra

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let Me Ride: An Electronic Rain Mix

This past Friday heavy rains swept the East Coast, forcing a lot of us to stay in doors. For my friend John, this provided him with an excellent excuse to spend the whole night inside creating house mixes fueled by drinking copious amounts of Red Bulls & Vodka (frankly I don't see how this differs from most of his Friday nights). Anyway, here is his latest live mix recorded last Friday night. As an aside you can catch him next Friday at the Leopard Lounge in NYC spinning fun party beats. Enjoy.

Rained In: By Johnny Cocco

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Oi! Oi! Oi!

G-Chat message sequence from earlier today...
Brandon: plee you need to post to strictly bangers. howie needs some non-rap music
me: alright maybe during my lunch break.
Brandon: atta boy

So here's the post. Seven months late, but better than never.

This is a music blog. Musicianship turns me on... which is why I've chosen to share the latest release (March 2007) from a group of musicians with three successful albums under their belt- 2 platinum, 1 gold - in AUSTRALIA.

In 2003, mindlessly watching an episode of "Pimp My Ride" while grinding out a pointless business school homework assignment, South Korea's princess of pop music journalism, SuChin Pak, showed up on screen for her usual MTV News segment. To my surprise, rather than ANOTHER lame story about 50-Cent's latest quibble with Ja Rule, it was a showcase about a folk/roots/jam band tearin' up the scene in the land of kangaroos. After scouring the web for download after download, I was hooked.

The John Butler Trio has been right under everyone's nose (or not, if you've discovered them) for a good four years now, appearing on US National TV multiple times - Live Earth, Leno, etc. - and Bonnaroo in both '05 and '07. He's actually already slated for the '08 Bonnaroo show.

But, check out the MySpace stats:
John Butler Trio - Total Profile Views: 909,607
Soulja Boy (aka US Hip-Hop's lamest new sensation) - Total Profile Views: 18,570,327

So, despite 5+ years of great work in Australia, John Butler is still relatively little-known in the mainstream US public. Blame it on his genre. Blame it on the record labels. Or, the best option, save the blame game and just LISTEN.

This is world-class musicianship... and FUN music with a good display of lyrical prowess. John Butler is a master of his art, and whether you are a fan of his particular genre or not, you can't deny that he makes "good music," as Kanye says.

I've attached a share for the March 2007 full album release, Grand National:

In the CD, the frontman, John Butler, is credited with contributing:
Vocals, Acoustic/amplified open back banjo, 11-string, 6-string, resonator lapsteel, and Weissonborn lapsteel guitars, Baritone tricone resonator guitar, Nylon string acoustic guitar, Banjo, Mouth harp, Harmonica, Ukelele, Yidaki (Didgeridoo), and of course, Electric guitar.

He's joined by his upright (and electric) bass player and percussionist.

I'm also going to post a link to YouTube video of a guitar solo piece called "Ocean":

Hate to sound like a classical musician on a non-classical music blog, but please take a moment to appreciate the dynamics and the building of a musical theme in that short instrumental, which he plays on a simple 12-string acoustic. It really takes you for a ride. The timing of the video to sound is half a second off, but it really doesn't detract from the effect (also check out his 1-inch long curly fingernails). Also, note that the version of "Ocean" played in this video is different from the recorded version, just in case you ever were to venture that deeply into his library of work.

Also, here are some random tracks from other albums:
Betterman -
Zebra -

Enjoy all.
L'Chaim, Mr. Leventhal.

P.S. For you New Yorkers, you can check out his live show at the new venue, Terminal 5, on November 10th. I believe tickets are $25-ish and part of the proceeds go to saving the environment (typical Australian hippie stunt).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Honky Cat Sunflower

Am I the only one who posts non-rap music on here?

All seriousness though, that thing you just threw up is pretty sweet LarsDog. I dug it anyways. Instead of rap or flamenco, it's just plain flap! Ya heard!?!?


Dert - Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

The gimmick is pretty simple: take samples from Jose Gonzalez's all-acoustic Veneer and mutate the melodies into slow-burning hip-hop songs. Kind of like The Grey Album, but with way shittier source material.

But here's the thing: this mixtape doesn't suck nearly as much as it should. Actually, its pretty captivating, because the sparse acoustic arrangements add a surprising amount of immediacy and intensity to the rappers, highlighting their lyrics instead of burying them in noise. Unfortunately, the tape is only 9 tracks long, but every song on here is worth your time.

Dert - Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Songs I Promised

This one's called "Tell it to Me" by a modern bluegrass band called the Old Crow Medicine Show:

This one's called "Man Needs a Maid/Heart of Gold Suite" and is from a Neil Young archival release that just came out a few months ago. It's from a solo acoustic show in 1971 just before Harvest came out. For the uninitiated, both of these songs are on Harvest, in this exact order. Neil also gives a lengthy explanation before the songs that's pretty awesome:

This one's by a band called My Morning Jacket which I don't believe gets enough credit, though I'm sure some of you are probably into 'em (Larson?) Anyways, they're pretty rockin' and this is off of their last album, Z, which came out, I think, in '06. It's called "Off the Record."

Finally, this last jam is an oldie but a goodie. It's by a legend who goes by the name Frank Zappa. Alot of people don't know that Frank Zappa NEVER TOOK A DRUG IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE. fact, that is the 100% truth. He subsisted on coffee and cigarettes. Anyways, hopefully this'll help turn some people onto him that maybe never were... It's called Catholic Girls and it's on his 2 Disc mini-rock-opus "Joe's Garage." Sample lyric: "Catholic Girls, with their tiny little moustaches..."

Hope this brightened up someone's day. Keep the good tunes comin'.

Strictly bangers,

-Easy E

Thursday, October 18, 2007

BSBD and Hell Razah - Razah's Ladder

Since Em and Dre have more or less evaporated, ODB got dead, and Nas and Jay are basically going steady, there has been a serious shortage of old-school, gritty hiphop. This led me to think that maybe rap had turned a corner, and had started assimilating completely into "pop" music (ex. Kanye, Timbo). Losing its edge, mainstreaming. Not necessarily a bad thing I guess, but disappointing for someone like me who prefers rap albums from the mid-90s to almost anything that comes out today.

Then, out of fucking nowhere, came Wu-associate Hell Razah.

Holy balls, this album is good. Unbelievably good. Razah's flow reminds me alot of Method Man in the best of ways, and lyrically he can clearly hold his own with anybody from the Wu. But as good as Razah is, and he's dope, its all a bonus next to these stupid-hot beats from production duo BSBD. Literally, the first 10 tracks are all insane, one incredibly intricate beat after another, until its almost numbing...then you go back and listen and realize that each one would be the best track on nearly anyone else's album. Think of a perfect combination of Kno from the Cunninlynguists, RJD2, and the Alchemist. Yes, that good. If you own a Wu album, download this now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fujiya & Miyagi

I've been meaning to post this for a while - I saw these guys open for Peter Bjorn and John and basically couldn't stop laughing through the whole set. So they are these French, middle aged, white guys who play a particular brand of electro-funk pop. But what's hilarious is that the lead singer sort of whisper-raps his way through all the songs with some pretty interesting lyrics. After a while though, it really grows on you. Some good supplemental listening for sure.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Electronic Relaxation

This has been up all over and has been getting huge play all over the city this past weekend. This was done on the fly, no post-editing and STRICTLY VINYL: "GET PUMPED FOR THE WEEKEND" A Classic Mix done by Chris Burns:


1) NYC Peech Boys - "On a Journey"2) Central Line - "Walking on Sunshine (Levan Mix)"3) Advance - "Take Me to the Top"4) Loleatta Holloway and the Salsoul Orchestra - "Seconds (Shep Pettibone mix)"5) Candi Staton - "When You Wake Up Tomorrow"6) Instant House - "Aweda (Joe Claussell Raw Shelter Mix)7) Raze - Break 4 Love8) Man Friday - "Real Love (Paradise Garage mix)9) Tribal Son - Spearchucker10) Cultural Vibe - "Ma Foom Bey"11) Chip E - "Like This"12) Sharon Redd - "Love How You Feel (dub)"13) Feel "Got to have your Lovin'"14) Lenny White - "My Turn to Love You"15) Turelli - "Mekano"16) Claudja Berry - "Work Me Over"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Radiohead - In Rainbows

Got my first chance to really pound this last night, and I gotta say, as someone who has absurd expectations of Radiohead to begin with, I was absolutely blown away. It is incredible to me how they continue to grow so much as a band album by album, always building on their sound in ways that are both completely logical and completely unexpected. I've heard comparisons to the Beatles' White Album and Jay-z's Blueprint, and I think they're dead on in terms of refining a band's sound down to its most bare, powerful essentials. Finally they've stopped trying to be something "else" and have embraced being Radiohead, which is such an amazing and ballsy thing to do when you're on your 7th album. Definitely think it will fight OK Computer and Kid A as one of their best.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Blockhead

Here's the new Blockhead album for anyone who wants a copy, and since my handicapped first attempt at posting an entire album went so poorly, heres the FlyLo debut as well as his ep that dropped recently. Blockhead on top.

Little Brother

Straight out of Durham, NC comes the best underground rap group of the past 10 years (depending on whether you count the Clipse as underground). Combining the flow and intelligence of groups like Tribe, De La Soul, and Pharcyde with the east coast production style of Premier and Pete Rock, these three dudes are totally changing the rap landscape as they begin to achieve some mainstream success. Producer 9th Wonder is absolutely sick, and rappers Phonte and Big Pooh are as anti-gangster as they get - just a couple of goofy, hilarious guys genuinely enjoying what they do. If you like what you hear, they will be performing at the Highline Ballroom Oct. 20th with Brother Ali and Psalm One. Should be one dopeass show. Some love:

"Altitudes" from Chitlin Circuit Mixtape

"Love Joint Revisited" from The Listening

"Lovin It" from The Minstrel Show

"Shake It" from the True Notes Comp

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fly(ing) Lo(tus)

Boys and girls, this shit is fire. Dude is an LA cat, great aunt is Alice Coltrane, who was John C's wife meaning he's also the nephew of Mr. Sax himself but for some reason all the sites just mention his aunt, so i dunno if theres something that implies, but either way, check it out, incredible. This is half of his first album, 1983, i can't figure out how to put an entire album up on one link, so if anyone knows hit me up. Until then, here are some tracks. get some.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Of Montreal and October

I love the month of October. It is my birthday month and it also brings back great memories of cool, green Florida autumn. In the soundtrack of life, Of Montreal's "October is Eternal" certainly gets play time during this month. This track comes at the tail end of their 2005 release The Sunlandic Twins. This track is somber. In places it wanders and in other places it makes me want to rip my shirt off. Listen to it and treat yourself to a Learian moment.

If that track got you down, snack on their next and final track on the album. The sun comes up with "The Repudiated Immortals." It is a light close to a good album.

Friday, October 5, 2007


A few of you have asked how I put these in my posts:

It's through a free website called divshare - some quick instructions:

1. goto and sign up
2. upload a song just like you do on zshare
3. after it is done uploading, click on the "more options" button
4. copy the code next to "embed"
5. when you are ready to put the player in your post, click over to "edit html" in the top right corner, paste the code, and when you go back to "compose" you should see a black rectangle where the player will be

really simple, fast, and free - plus as an added bonus all the songs you upload will be available for you online through their website whenever you want them.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Few Things

As the lone honky cat sunflower on this blog, I figured it about time for me to jump on this bandwagon. I'm at work absent my external HD so I can't upload anything till I get around to it, but I just wanted to throw shoutouts to a few songs I've been feeling particularly hard as of late...

1) Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - The Spark that Bled (Piano instrumental cover of a Flaming Lips song from Soft Bulletin...just beautiful, may or may not appear in Howie Show EP. 3 as a result of its awesomeness.)

2) Bright Eyes - Classic Cars (off his album that came out last year, Cassedega, which isn't totally amazing ridiculous awesome, but this song's pretty great; "the best country singers die in the back of classic cars.")

3) Old Crow Medicine Show - Tell it to Me (an ol' fashioned bluegrass honky-tonk barnstomper all about, you guessed it, cocaine!)

This blog's a good thing you guys got goin' here. Anybody got some good concerts comin' up soon they're psyched for? I'm going to the Bridge School Benefit show on 10/27 in San Fran: Neil Young, Metallica, Eddie Vedder & Flea, Tom Waits w/ the Kronos Quartet, Regina Spektor, etc...
I saw Dinosaur, JR a few weeks ago for free. That was pretty rockin. The opener was these guys, Band of Horses, who I dug. Anyone with me on Dino Jr? Talk about ol' school; those guys might even predate RUN-DMC.

The Blow - Paper Television

So I'm going to this concert tonight, and thought I would share the love. Let me preface this by saying, this is chick rock. But really good chick rock. Not so much mournful and soulful, but with an electro-indie edge. More Peaches than Ani.

It has some nice, synth, drum machine minimalist production and the lead singer's voice is pretty accessible. Anyway...I like it. You might too.

Take a listen:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bedouin Soundclash

Hey guys...wierd. Their first cd was awsome. Yes they're Canadian, but I fell in love with this band's first album thanks to a girl with one pigmentless eye (Wayne's World 2 anyone) that was doing drugs in my old bedroom. Apparently there pretty big up north and in england...They are very chill sound sort of reminicint of sublime and the police maybe some 311, but with a more modern, organic, and maybe even a little more folkey aproach. Basically white boy dub (+a black bassist) with a taste of Ska (dont run #1). They are definitely taking a step in a more mainstream direction on this album (dont run #2). They remind me of Kings of Leon, in that they are young marketable and make anthematic indie rock... and I feel like I should hate them for that (look out fraternity houses world wide #3). But check them out they're really good and I have a feeling there gonna blow up, so get in on it before they make it big and you have to act too cool to like them.

Heres a taste of the new single... "walls":

And a bonus off the first album (Ill up it if there is interest its sick) "Shelter":


The Field - From Here We Go Sublime

So, who's down for some MINIMALIST TECHNO?

Seriously though, this is a dope album. Dude takes the pulse and crescendoes of 90's trance and infuses the sounds of indie hip-hop (vocal cuts, vinyl scratches and textures). The songs take a while to develop, so those of you lacking in patience may find it repetitive, but for me it has this hypnotic quality thats great for bumping at work, gym, etc. - when I want some music to get lost in.

"A Paw In My Face"



Thursday, September 27, 2007

The namesake

Dear friends, fanatics, and faithful groupies: How hangs the brain waves? How rubs the knee pads? How now brown cow? I'm writing on behalf of my good friends John Cocco and Winslow Porter. Anyone who will be in the NYC tomorrow night looking for some funky rhythms, heady rhymes, dancey dance, fancey pants music should definitely check these dudes out. From 10pm-4am these kids will be keeping the beats going at the Leopard Lounge on 85th 2nd Ave at 5th St. No cover and drink specials all night long. Bring a girl and I promise she'll sleep with you...well either you or them. Also, rumor has it Natalie Portman is stalking them, true story. Enclosed is a live sample from one of their previous shows

Blockhead Live in NYC

Blockhead has always been my favorite post-Shadow instrumental hip-hop producer - his songs have so much built-in style and yet still retain a very natural feel. This bootleg, however, takes him up a whole other notch in my book. Recorded in 2004, it features mostly songs off of "Music By Cavelight", and here Blockhead just goes fucking bonkers, throwing in Phil Collins and M.J. vocals, old school rap samples, harmonicas, Bon Jovi guitar - the randomest storm of shit over these very simple songs...and makes it all fit together perfectly. In fact, I find myself preferring the versions on this set to his album versions almost completely. Give it a listen:


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Todd Terje Rekutts 1

So after a fairly indulgent night I have been playing house music all day long in the office to keep the brain waves flowing properly. This kid’s edits are pretty indisputable, especially “Can’t Help It”. I think it actually hit pop radio in Europe. As an aside, I think my boss is going through a midlife crisis, and has asked me send him an email with these links attached....poor guy.

Some Shit - You Know

Couple things - latest Brother Ali album is pretty hot. I've always liked this guy, but this album is a lot cleaner and more consistent than the the others, I think. This has been around for a little while now, but I still dig it - and hip hop seems to be the overriding theme around here.

Also, I know at least a couple people on this forum went to see the Kings of Leon this weekend. Ridiculous - these guys played so tightly, the sound was spot on and so hard the whole way through. Really impressed. They have the chops - they've made three completely different albums to date and they're like 22. Maybe.

Uh sorry not to expound more, but I'm kinda drunk. Just listen.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Only cause I love you.... Pharrell on the beat.

Every exec in my office left work early yesterday for a preview of "American Gangster" in the world stage downstairs... Needless to say I wasnt invited.

Why cant I post as a link....?? Oh well copy and paste bitches... and dont act like you arnt gonna, even you Lev...

Heres a bonus for you new from the ROC... "Rocafella Billionares" by "The Philly Freezer" Freeway. (FEATURING "HOVA"... so it's worth the download)

Roctober is coming bastards... but it got pushed back to Roc...vember???

Represent the 1st

Hello My fello Hipsters, Snobs, and Openminded Music Lovers,

Here is some sick hip hop comming by way of Lupe Fiasco repping the 1st and 15th in Chi-City its a song off the new album, but not the first single... The chorus is stuck in my head probably 80% of my life these days. Interesting, sharp, flows on point, and its not about selling coke or killing people. When are rappers gonna start rapping about doing coke, that will really help propel the ghetto into ruins, I mean come on guys... well Juelz does, and he is quite the trend setter.

Read my response to the Kanye post you Bastards I have alot to say I write like a hiphop website with worse spelling.

Friday, September 21, 2007


I know I've mentioned this to a few of you before, but for those of you who haven't heard, this program is dope as hell. It's a free plugin for your ITunes that shows you when artists in your library are coming into town and when they are dropping new albums...essential for those of us with an outstanding habit of finding out about shows the day after they happened

Studio 54 Vol. 2

“Git Down Saturday Night” has got to be one of my favorite house tracks. It's pretty undeniable. I know it made the rounds a few years back but it always seems to come in handy and I’m sure there are still a few out there who haven’t heard it. I prob should call this an edit cause all it really is is a glorified 909 loop with a simple synth bass and some serious filtering of “Get Down Saturday Night.” One thing I particuarly like about this track (and most Dj Kom tracks for that matter) is the low end kick that is used. Good luck finding this on the dance 6 pressing with “And Da Beat Goes On” cause that shit is impossible to find! My friend Cocco even bugged the creator for about 6 months straight trying to get him to sell a copy and that didn't even work....I think it's now turned into his grail quest.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shout Out Louds

The Shout Out Louds are a band from Sweeeeden that haven't really blown up here...but they should. Here is one of their songs (remixed). This guy's got an awesome voice and if you like, I'll put up the rest of the album.
(Shout Out Louds - Impossible)

American Gangster

So, here's another reason to get excited about hip-hop these days... Apparently everyone's favorite CEO was so impressed by the new Denzel/Russel Crowe movie American Gangster, that he felt compelled to put some tracks together and is dropping a new album the first week of November. Can't say that I'm not doubly excited -- both for the the movie being really good (it apparently inspired Jay to get back in the studio), AND the thought that we'll be getting (finger's-crossed) another great Jay-Z album for the collection (cause Kingdom Come has its place, but certainly not at the top). Check out the article link here: NY Times article

Science Fiction Disco Part 1: Chrsytal City

So I've been listening to this a lot lately on my way to work. It's my favorite track from the Rubicon EP. For the uninitiated: if you like Daft Punk, you'll like Braxe & Falke.

Russian Futurists - Our Thickness

Speaking of summer jams, I've been thoroughly addicted to this album for a few months now. The best description I could offer of the Russian Futurists is "Beach Boy crunk", which is a terrible sounding combination but turns out so well I wonder why there aren't more bands (well, actually its one dude) exactly like this. Ridiculously addictive, and apparently he gets drunk and listens to AM radio for inspiration, so serious style points as well.

"Still Life"

"Our Pen's Out of Ink"


Girl Talk is the shit

Greg Gillis is a maniac. Go see him. You will have more fun than you've ever had at a concert - 2 hours of shake-your-ass-as-hard-as-you-can, balls-to-the-wall, jump around dance music. Unrelenting - like you don't think it's possible to dance so hard, so long and that he can keep putting such fantastic fucking music on that will make you want to keep dancing. Ridiculous mixes. Up on stage the dude was completely engulfed in a mass of sweaty fans for the entire set. There are no words really - just go.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Preemptive Strike

So as summer comes to a close, I've decided to share with you my all time favorite summer jam. For the past 3 months this has been my go to eazy breezy, late night summer tune. The type of song that should only be played after hours. I just got the live version this past weekend while digging through some crates. Holy fuck! If only I had this 3 months ago. This track is better than the studio version for a few reasons.

Reason number 1: Its slower and has a much more relaxed “summer sweaty” vibe.

Reason number 2: The synth riff which is by far the best part of this song is much more drawn out and played with attitude and conviction.

Reason number 3: The piano doesn’t have that annoying out of sync vibrato.

Reason number 4: This song is meant to be played live and the studio version just doesn’t do it justice.

I know the summer is pretty much over, and if I could have posted this back in June I would have. However the weathers still nice, and this song still deserves some play time. Enjoy.

MIA - Kala

So I picked this up last week and have listened to it for two straight days now. Gotta say...pretty hot. The album is dense, to be sure, but packed with sounds and verses that kind of make you go, oh that's interesting. There's something about politically conscious hip hop that is usually kind of off-putting to me. Most of the time it's very in your face or the artist seems to be trying to use content to make up for what's lacking in style or skill. M.I.A seems to pull it off beautifully.

The lyrics, the content, are almost more suggestive than explicit. She seems to say a lot without trying very hard. And the beats are pretty ridiculous ("my beats are too evil" yeah). The Timbaland track is so sick...mellow, smooth, the whole thing is on skates. The Clash sample she lifts on Paper Planes is amazing, tweaked and spaced out and sounding not at all like the Clash - using gun shots and cash registers to get the point across (who needs lyrics anyway?). Overall the whole thing is just hard - no other word. The rawness and mix of sounds, from all over the globe, recall an excitement and creativity from the early days of hip hop - experimental, less glossy and stylized - I wish more rappers were so unconcerned.

Plus I just think she's a badass. (