Monday, November 26, 2007

Guitars and DJs

There's this DJ who keeps popping up on my Pandora station - Andy Smith. So I dug a little deeper, and this guy is saweet. Lots of old school breakbeats and motown samples, but without the sped up, gross high-octave vocals, much more sugarhill gang than kanye - that said, he's still done some beats for Common. I don't have any of his stuff myself, but you can download some shows from his website. This guy takes some really great old 45 samples. I like the Document II album quite a bit.

Also, continuing in the mode of discussing sweet shows we've recently seen...just saw Broken Social Scene performing parts of the lead man Kevin Drew's latest album as well as some old favorites. These guys are more than worth a listen. They manage to go from that end-of-the-world-tremendous-crescendo huge sound (4 guitars on stage help in this manner) to a completely pared and stripped stunning minimal style in an instant - and they pretty much have the audience in the palm of their hand the whole time. Indie shows have a tendency to be hit or miss - like maybe you want to sit down after the 5th song - but they managed to sustain pace and energy and make spine-tingling music.

Finally - I was in glorious StL over the holiday, and low and behold, what is the first article I stumble across in the RFT? See for and all.

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