Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bedouin Soundclash

Hey guys...wierd. Their first cd was awsome. Yes they're Canadian, but I fell in love with this band's first album thanks to a girl with one pigmentless eye (Wayne's World 2 anyone) that was doing drugs in my old bedroom. Apparently there pretty big up north and in england...They are very chill sound sort of reminicint of sublime and the police maybe some 311, but with a more modern, organic, and maybe even a little more folkey aproach. Basically white boy dub (+a black bassist) with a taste of Ska (dont run #1). They are definitely taking a step in a more mainstream direction on this album (dont run #2). They remind me of Kings of Leon, in that they are young marketable and make anthematic indie rock... and I feel like I should hate them for that (look out fraternity houses world wide #3). But check them out they're really good and I have a feeling there gonna blow up, so get in on it before they make it big and you have to act too cool to like them.

Heres a taste of the new single... "walls":

And a bonus off the first album (Ill up it if there is interest its sick) "Shelter":


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Brandon said...

+1 for the name right off the bat

This is pretty good, though a bit overproduced...maybe I'd dig their first album more. Definitely a kind of Police meets early U2 thing going on, which is nice. Actually reminds me of a band called the RX Bandits - ever heard of them?