Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Little Brother

Straight out of Durham, NC comes the best underground rap group of the past 10 years (depending on whether you count the Clipse as underground). Combining the flow and intelligence of groups like Tribe, De La Soul, and Pharcyde with the east coast production style of Premier and Pete Rock, these three dudes are totally changing the rap landscape as they begin to achieve some mainstream success. Producer 9th Wonder is absolutely sick, and rappers Phonte and Big Pooh are as anti-gangster as they get - just a couple of goofy, hilarious guys genuinely enjoying what they do. If you like what you hear, they will be performing at the Highline Ballroom Oct. 20th with Brother Ali and Psalm One. Should be one dopeass show. Some love:

"Altitudes" from Chitlin Circuit Mixtape

"Love Joint Revisited" from The Listening

"Lovin It" from The Minstrel Show

"Shake It" from the True Notes Comp

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Los Dawg said...

LB is dropping a new one on Oct. 23, Getback - their first since splitting with 9th (who is actually dropping his first solo today - should be sick as usual). Critics have been skeptical of Pooh and Phonte w/o the production factor, but I heard the album sampler, and not to dog on 9th, but I thought they sounded as smooth as ever.