Saturday, September 22, 2007

Represent the 1st

Hello My fello Hipsters, Snobs, and Openminded Music Lovers,

Here is some sick hip hop comming by way of Lupe Fiasco repping the 1st and 15th in Chi-City its a song off the new album, but not the first single... The chorus is stuck in my head probably 80% of my life these days. Interesting, sharp, flows on point, and its not about selling coke or killing people. When are rappers gonna start rapping about doing coke, that will really help propel the ghetto into ruins, I mean come on guys... well Juelz does, and he is quite the trend setter.

Read my response to the Kanye post you Bastards I have alot to say I write like a hiphop website with worse spelling.

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