Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kanye West - Graduation

I was pretty disappointed with this at first but its grown on me a bit, though its clear its no Late Registration. The beats are nowhere near as consistent and there's not as many ridiculous quotables as I expect from Kanye. I was so pumped after "Stronger" leaked, but the rest just isn't as original as I'd hoped...especially after listening to Timbaland for the past 6 months straight, which makes about half of this album sound like bad imitations. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying it a lot now, but I'd be really surprised if most people are still listening to this in 2-3 months. Oh, and the album art sucks balls.

What can I say, I'm a hater



brynna said...

agreed on album art.
i'm digesting - have given it a couple of listens so far. there are more misses than hits i think (drunk and hot girls). I like the chris martin/nina simone track, homecoming , and i think he uses some pretty great samples. but it's just that - samples - and you can hear them and where they come from pretty clearly. not nearly as innovative as timbaland i agree. definitely some fun shit, but other than stronger, i don't see much that's terribly groundbreaking (though mixing the hot electronic club/dance shit with hip hop has been a long time coming i think). and he's such a terrible rapper. it just wears on the listener after a while. the best songs are where he's got a guest spot to distract from his lyrics/sound of his voice.
all in all - i think you're right. this album won't stand the test of time nearly as well as the previous two. man needs to stay away from the mic.

BT said...

Certainly agree with both of you in certain respects, and I think that Yeezy's best role is in production and adding either a chorus or a verse amongst others (see: Guerilla Monsoon Rap or Wouldn't Get Far). However -- don't think the quotables aren't there: Barry Bonds is really on a par with some of the past stuff he's done in the past, and The Glory has some glimmers of genious lyrically.

All and all, this album has been more about the hype than anything else though. Kanye showing up on every talkshow possible to promote it -- you want to see something awkward? Check out the youtube clip of him on the Ellen show. Also, his performance at the Emmy Awards was just plain silly.

Frankly, I'm looking forward to the CRS album that he's working on with Lupe and Pharrell...

Raoul Duke said...

I must say, I am a sucker forthe steely dan sample....

Pandamonium said...

Since we're on the topic of Kanye (oh and congrats to him for beating the smack outta Curtis), I wanted to share this 5 minute clip of how he tears apart a sample and puts a track together. I can only imagine the thousands of tracks like this he has just waiting to be used in some way.


Hall-DJ said...

YOu guys are asses the album artwork for this cd is fucking unbelievable... go to the personality store and buy some taste SON... Seriously though Ive seen the layered files for this artwork and its some of the most incredible digital work I have ever seen, more meticulous and vibrant and creative then anything in hip hop.... you perverts.

Hall-DJ said...

I just read the rest of your reviews and threw up in my mouth... go download the new aesop rock and talk about his hip vocal stylings and on your way back from I-tunes trip on a your computer cord and scrape the hell out of your knee.

This cds fucking rediculous and if you think Ye isnt a good rapper your an ass and you probably loveeeee MF doom or god forbid, 50.

"When I kick a flow it was like, pick and roll
Cuz even if he gave me the rock, its give and go
I guess Beanies style was more of a slam dunk
And my shit was more like a finger roll
but I had them singles though
And them hoes at the show gonna mingle yo."

Flow, symbolism, similies, sylables, and most of all poinance... seriously learn hip hop before you talk about it you bastads!