Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scion Presents Daptone Records Remixed

You would never know it by watching their terrible commercials, but Scion actually has a pretty robust music sponsorship program, and has commissioned mixes by some serious names such as Little Brother, Nicolay, Flosstradamus, and GZA.

This short sampler is their latest output, and it is funky as fuck. Daptone Records is a small label based in Brooklyn, and whose main group the Dap-Kings were the backing band on Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black". Here, some top DJs take their best tracks and blow them out into beat-driven grooves, while maintaining that throwback feel. And, the really cool part is that Scion has been offering the sampler for free off their website, just because.

I mean seriously, why do they still bother making cars?

Scion Presents Daptone Records Remixed

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brynna said...

Damn. Scion - who knew? Shit swings.