Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Carter 3

I realize there may not be many Lil Wayne fans on here, but does anyone access to the Carter III? Larson I'm looking at you. If so please make my day and post that shit.


Hall-DJ said...

While your at it just change the name of this blog to please shut me down Universal I'm stealing your biggest record of the year.... too harsh? Loso shouldn't be to hard to find out there on the net on your own it was leaked Sunday night.

Brandon said...

If you search on Youtube, you can listen to all the tracks on there. Personally I'm pretty disappointed by it. Three great tracks: "Mr. Carter" with Jay-z, "Let The Beat Build" with Kanye, and "Lollipop" of course. The rest just isn't that interesting. Bottom line: he's a mixtape MC, not an album MC.