Sunday, April 4, 2010


Some of you may remember a particularly intoxicating tune on Justice's Cross album a few years back, The ppaarrttyy, featuring some chanting/rapping/singing by a deadpan, take-no-shit chick. That chick was Uffie. Word on the street is Ke$ha copied her whole shtick from Uffie, who has a sort of fuck you attitude crossed with some hot beats -- basically Peaches updated for a new generation (not that Peaches needs much of an update). There's no good explanation as to why you want to keep listening to her, she's not a great lyricist and she knows it, but dammit this song is awesome.

And if you haven't heard Sleigh Bells yet, check it.

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Nancy Magoo said...

I like her better when she isn't singing.

All looks, no substance.