Friday, October 3, 2008

The Superest of Super Groups

Yes, that's right folks. Welcome back to Classic Rock Album Time. I received alot of warm regards and well-heeded advice regarding my little shindig here. In the late 80's, five super-hit songwriter guitarists got together, almost entirely out of coincidence and convenience, to record a song. Those 5, George Harrison (of Beatles fame, maybe you've heard of 'em?), Bob Dylan (the Real Bard), Roy Orbison (voice of rare beauty), Jeff Lynne (of the Electric Light Orchestra and shockingly, the most minimal household name of the 5) and Tom Petty (the consummate hitmaker), were collectively referred to as The Traveling Wilburys.

They took on aliases, as Wikipedia explains, and nowhere on the entire album is it discussed whom is actually whom:
It's a pretty stellar album, and was nominated for a multitude of Grammys (not that that really means anything, but...) More significantly, and perhaps more poignantly, just over two months after its release, Roy Orbison died of a sudden heart attack. Impressively, the album sold more than any Dylan album had ever sold (at that point...I think his Greatest Hits has since eclipsed that mark.)

The hit that you'll probably know is the title track, "Handle With Care," which was recorded to such delight that the fivesome regrouped to record a full album. They're all pretty great though, each with a solid hook, strong, subtly poignant lyrics incorporating elements of each individual member's contributions.

If you've never heard it, I implore you to download it. How's this for a classic rock album selection?

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