Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Radical Face - Ghost

If your Sufjan and Arcade Fire records are starting to wear thin, I've got the next best thing in Radical Face. A concept album by a 24-year old dude from Jacksonville (his Postal Servish band Electric President is worth checking out), Ghost is sonically odd in that it sounds both epic and lofi - handclaps mingling with hornlines, whistles drowning out choirs - and the combination is hypnotizing. The chorus of "Wrapped in Piano Strings", for example, has been my crack for the past few days. True, the dude can barely sing, but when you can write and arrange like this I don't really care.

Radical Face - Ghost

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North American Scum said...

My little bro's friends with AH and you guys have some quality stuff on here. A lot of problems might be solved if all the crackheads just switched their dependence to Radical Face, haha!

Keep it up.