Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jay Electronica

It seems like we've been on one hell of a collective good luck streak lately...Obama's ahead in the democratic race, asshole leaders in Pakistan and Cuba are both stepping down, it was 60 degrees in NYC yesterday...like all of a sudden 2008 hits and shit is just coming together for us. And now to add to it there's Jay Electronica, an MC as exciting and intriguing as his presidential counterpart. Connecting the dots between Nas, Common, and Kanye without the shitty beats, preachiness, or bullshit materialism respectively, Jay made the above mixtape a few years back by himself, using only beatless orchestral samples from "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", turning them into a kind of metaphysical medley that blurs all kinds of genre lines. With a debut as ballsy as that, how is this guy not going to be huge?

A few more tracks:

"Renaissance Man"

"Victory Is In My Clutches"


Killa Cam said...

Hey Brandon,

Can you send me an email with some instructions on posting songs?

My email is cameronkrone@mac.com

Thanks dude!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... great news....