Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Raheem Jamal - Boombox

Despite a huge underground scene, Boston hip-hop has really only had one rapper whos made it big nationally - Guru of Gangstarr fame. Boston's new hope, Raheem Jamal, revisits that tried and true MC/DJ template on his debut, enlisting Primo disciple/producer Raydar Ellis and devouring every beat that he places in his path. Jamal's flow is incredible - rapping in disjointed words and phrases, letting them just hang for a second too long - and the beats that Ellis throws down are stellar, Primo-esque in their balance of nuance and raw power. Groundbreaking? Not really. Asskicking? Hell yes.

"The Thang"


Raheem Jamal - Boombox

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brynna said...

very fresh, sounding a little like lupe. thanks for the heads up.