Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Elbow

Asleep In The Back (2001) - "In an era when every other British band is shamelessly apeing past incarnations of Radiohead (Coldplay, Travis, Doves), it's refreshing to hear a band actually worth paying attention to. Elbow's Asleep In The Back is the true marriage of Pink Floyd and Joy Division that OK Computer was mistakenly pegged as."


Elbow - Asleep In The Back

Cast Of Thousands (2003) - "Rather than attempting to repeat the maudlin splendour of their debut, Asleep In The Back or even succumbing to the temptation to write about celebrity parties and having more money than they used to, Elbow managed to remain wonderfully accessible. It sounds a bit more polished than Asleep but is just as moving and it’s a bit more psychedelic but just as powerful. "


Elbow - Cast Of Thousands

Leaders Of The Free World (2005) - "Elbow are a great band regardless of what it takes for them to find their footing. Leaders of the Free World is a bit more rock & roll than not, with guts and heart, because Elbow have finally embraced their powerful, surrounding space this time out."

"Station Approach"

Elbow - Leaders Of The Free World

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