Thursday, January 29, 2009

Da Funk - Budos Band, El Michels Affair, & Menahan Street Band

Here's a bunch of funk albums I've been meaning to post - Brynna kind of beat me to it - you should listen to them all, and then buy them or see a show, because these bands are all poor dudes living in Brooklyn who deserve your money.

First up is Budos Band - very James Browny, rhythmic, and African-influenced. Their take on "My Girl" by the Temptations pretty much sums it up:

Budos Band - II

El Michel Affair have more of a laidback R&B/Soul slant, like 60's film music. Their collaboration with Wu-Tang was SICK (youtube it), so they've got some street cred too. Here's "Too Late To Turn Back":

El Michels Affair - Sounding Out The City

Finally, the biggest funk band that nobody's heard of. Menahan Street Band brought you those sweet horn lines from "Roc Boys", but actually the rest of this album is pretty lowkey, pleasant even. There's also something about how these songs sound - dubby, like it was mixed by a reggae producer - that gives it this awesome worn-in vibe. I really, really can't wait to see these guys live. Here's "Home Again":

Menahan Street Band - Make The Road By Walking


brynna said...

Yes! How good is the Menahan Street Band? I hear their live show is kick ass - all kinds of people on stage. Good call on it feeling "worn in." Spot on.

DaddyFatSaxxx said...

For the Record maybe I'm a goodie goodie but you should go see any shows by those posted on this Blog.

Unless they are dead...

Or posted by BT.... OOOOOOOOOH SHIT SON! Consider yourself served.

Anonymous said...