Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cold War Kids

It occurred to me as I began writing this that I really don't listen to much modern rock n roll. I listen to lots of hip hop, electronic, funk, soul and combinations thereof...but I only really listen to 3 or 4 modern "rock" groups and that includes Radiohead, if you can really classify them as any single genre. There just isn't that much of it around that I really feel is worth my time. Most of it just misses the mark. You don't want to turn it up really loud and drive down a highway to it. Actually most of it makes you want to turn the lights off and cry.

That said, these guys started popping up on my Pandora and it made me want to hear more. I dug up their first album from 2006, Robbers and Cowards. It's solid. Strong vocals, satisfying guitar, all around good stuff. They're from California so there's a little bit of surfer soul mixed in with the usual NYC trying-to-be-cool indie rock sound. It makes for a nice balance and it's a pretty straight up rock album - the first four or five songs are particularly good. They released a second album last year, Loyalty to Loyalty, which I think kind of sucks, but others might be interested - if so let me know.

Robbers and Cowards