Monday, February 9, 2009

When Experimental Music Goes RIGHT

I am sad and embarrassed to admit, I kinda hate The Clash. A lot of their music just gets on my nerves. Sorry, I respect them, I know I should like them as a respectable music fan. But Rock the Kasbah Makes me want to put puppies in microwaves. (EASY... I didn't say I would turn them on. If I did defrost tops, I swear.) Anyway, I am a huge music doc fan, and as I respect them, I netflixed The Furture is Unwritten: Joe Strummer. Fuck man, what an awesome dude. I really wish I could have met him. PLEASE SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. Truly genius, riveting, devastating, and inspiring. After that, I went on a hunt for everything non-Clash Joe Strummer related and fell in love. This is Global A Go-Go an album he did with the Mescalaros shortly before he passed away. World, Rock, Folk, Punk, Latin, Electronic... Again a guy that just did what so many others try to do and fucking wreck, he does authentically and masterfully. You will love this record now... almost as much as you will after you see the film that inspired me to check it out.

Joe Strummer and the Mescalaros - Global A Go-Go


SIVA said...

Gasp! What about "should i stay or should i go"? or or London Calling, or or I fough the law or or Train in Vain or or White riot...anything? nothing? I think i need to take a break from you for a while! LOL.

ps : please don't kill the puppies or the kittens while we are apart.

Anonymous said...

Well, the way the media has co-opted AND played much of The Clash catalog to death is most likely the problem.

Good on you for checking out The Future Is Unwritten!

And thank you VERY MUCH for the upload.

Anonymous said...

The Clash and Joe was and are awesome. A lot of people and critics said and say they suck/d; fake punk commercial sellouts, played in concert wearing clash t-shirts, etc. I saw the movies, as well as perhaps every movie and documentary available. I like their music, as well as a good portion of the band members individual works, esp. Mick and Joe. Their dubs are sweet. I can play some of their songs and they're not all that easy to get the right sound. There was a lot of musicianship that many folks don't understand. Thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...