Friday, July 31, 2009

Allen Toussaint

Even if you've never heard of the name, you've heard the music - think of a certain chocolate-themed deodorant commercial. Like Nick Drake and Volkswagen, my man Allen has been getting serious shine from his incidental inclusion in a TV ad. And for good reason - this album is a perfect snapshot of 70's New Orleans R&B. The rhythm here is incredible - every instrument popping with an organic snap that modern throwback bands just seem unable to recreate. And beyond that distinct voice, Toussaint was actually one hell of a pianist. The last 5 tracks of this are instrumental, and far more interesting to me than the pop songs that come ahead of them. This dude is funky elegance personified, and his laidback style should fit in perfectly with some lazy summer afternoons.



Brynna said...

Nice. I have heard bits and pieces of this guy, but nice to hear an album. It's like somewhere between Al Green and Schoolhouse Rock. And I love it.

Raoul Duke said...

Funny I was just at my buddy Josh's place the other day listening to a lot of his older stuff. Guy use to be the producer for the Walkmen. Check out "Last Train" by him, great song. Choo Choo!

walking with music said...

Great music! Check out Marvin Gaye, that's my favourite in this genre.

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Anonymous said...

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ASGattire said...

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