Saturday, July 11, 2009


Oh man is this some exciting shit. As most of you probably already know about, I'm proud to introduce Ontario's finest and latest Cash Money signee, Aubrey Graham aka Jimmy brooks aka Drake aka Drizzy.

The former Degrassi star ended a recent bidding war with several major labels, opting to sign with Lil Wayne and his entourage of Young money stars this spring for an untold number of millions.

And let me be the first to say, wheelchair or not, Jimmy does not disappoint. This is his latest mixtape effort, So Far Gone, produced and frequently guested by wayne and his cash money crew. To say he can flow would be scratching the surface. To say he's multitalented would not do him justice. Although the pop oreinted R&B hooks aren't my bag, I've gotta admit this dude is catchier than the Beatles. Not really, but no bullshit its hard to stop singing any of this. And on top of that, he raps with the likes of vets across the board and literally blows Wayne out of the water every time they do a track together. There's really no comparison on any duet i've heard. Although he raps mostly about star studded activities and raking in the millions (what else would a wayne protege have on his mind?) the kid actually has been a star since he was about 13, stopping the hearts of millions of teenage girls when he was unfortunately caught up in a classic high school tragedy with a bitter outcast and a loaded gun. Ah, Jimmy we'll never forgive Rick. That bastard.

Anyway, with lines like "i never get attracted to fans, cause a eager beaver could be the collapse of a dam" and "Everybody talks and everybody listen, but somehow the truth always comes up missin" drake is a force to reckoned with on the mic and this mixtape has not only some fire flow but solid production from front to back. Try tracks 5,6,8,11,18. You'll be happy you did.