Friday, February 19, 2010

Pretty, Indeed

This dude calls himself Pretty Lights which is a pretty appropriate name given his shit sounds a lot like a fireworks show at a strobe light factory giving out e-bombs at the door. All in all, he takes a lot from the Blockhead canon of trip hoptronica, but really his sound is a lot busier overall. He also very adroitly blends the hip hop, electronic, and trance elements into a pretty smooth confluence.

You can download all of his albums on the website, and they all have worthwhile cuts. His latest, passing by behind your eyes, is probably my favorite, its very heavy on the blues and funk foundation and even throws in some siiiick Biggie samples. Some tracks are slower than others, but this dude has a great ear and is in my humble opinion extremely talented. You can catch him opening for Sound tribe this spring if you get a chance.

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