Friday, February 19, 2010

Them Clever Vultures

My first thought = supergroups usually don't work out. My second thought = I don't care, this has to be good.

and it is. Definitely got a very QOTSA feel, b/c I don't think Josh Homme knows any other style of music. But thats a good thing if you're a Queens fan, which I am. However, there are also some knock out riffs along the way that just fuckin slay. JP Jones even hits the electric keys on a couple songs which really brings in the Zeppelin vibe.

A lot of people are probably hating on this cause its not exactly pioneering, but if you're at all a fan of clever, dark and just straight up driving rock, this album is full throttle. Don't judge it too quickly, I think you'll be sorry.

Them Crooked Vultures


Los Dawg said...

Whoops, apparently i messed up the link somehow, its got an extra hypertext. my bad.

Nancy Magoo said...

Everyone I know (that loves real music) loves Them Crooked Vultures. Josh Homme is amazing, he even produced my favourite album of last year. Artic Monkeys - Humbug.

Anonymous said...

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