Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sound Opinions

I've been listening to an excellent podcast for some time now and wanted to throw it some love up here. Sound Opinions is a weekly public radio show based in Chicago, hosted by the pop music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times (Jim DeRogatis) and the rock critic for the Tribune (Greg Kot). They get some outstanding guest performances (Dodos, Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, Kid Sister), but some of the best shows are when they delve into some random genre or facet of music. I don't necessarily always agree with their reviews, but the show never fails to intrigue and entertain.

More car time has given me the chance to catch up on some old episodes, and they had Black Francis/Frank Black of the Pixies on to discuss Doolittle a few weeks back. It was absolutely fantastic -- I've never heard Black interviewed before, so maybe he's that garrulous and effusive all the time, but I sort of doubt it. The interview truly provided a fascinating look into the mind of the man and how the whole thing came together. Most hilarious moment: when Black bitched about festival fans bouncing an inflatable shark at one of their shows and he stopped the performance to confiscate the thing.

Anywho...you should listen to it, the podcast is free and awesome.

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