Thursday, March 11, 2010


So I definitely ripped this straight from Pitchfork's best new tracks. But dammit it's so good I had to make sure you all got a taste. The band is Cults, a less than unknown band, a barely formed band, with a 7" and three songs to their catalog. The best of the three, bar none, is Go Outside, a jangly, effervescent breath of a song rich with texture and vocals. The xylophone makes you feel like you're 6 again, playing with the playskool band kit in the grass, but the lyrics are decidedly adult. It's also the warmest and loveliest melody I could ever want to accompany the spring awakening. Some of those best new tracks are hit or miss and often the rest of the album doesn't deliver, but this one hits you like a cool breeze. Most Wanted is worth a full listen as well.


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shama-lama-ding-dong-face killah said...

this just blew my fucking mind and made the rest of my afternoon at work a much more pleasant one. Thank you.