Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Black Keys - Attack & Release

The Black Keys are a blues rock duo from Akron, reminiscent of Zeppelin or the Black Crowes. In fact, way too reminiscent. But that all changes on this album, thanks to the production duties of Dangermouse. He adds just enough weird to take their songs from "I bet this would sound awesome live" to "this sounds pretty fucking awesome".

"I Got Mine"

Black Keys - Attack & Release


Nino said...

hey, thanks for visiting the page. i can't wait to get home and check out some the stuff you got up here.

Nino said...

oh, and you've been linked.

Gonzo said...

dude your page banner's rad

brynna said...

I've been on these guys for a while (Cleveland and all) and they are definitely awesome. They basically shred.