Thursday, April 17, 2008


J.cole. The next shit hip hop wise (along with the likes of Wale and Cudi but a little less out there) out of NC by way of Queens. An old school ny york flow (think AZ) with a dynamic personality (think Ye) and relatable personality (think Little Brother but a little more agressive). Anything you don't recognize is produced by the kid, because, get this.... hes a classically trained musician. He plays Horns and Strings people. It's J.cole, Aka. Simba With beautiful cover art by yours truely brought to the world by Say Uncle Group. Branding and Design if you need it. Attatched is the cover i liked... the official is on the itunes jump.


BT said...

shameless plugs?? You bet...

Art Direction/Design:

All brought to you by Say Uncle!

Celular said...

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