Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gang Gang Dance

Here's a reasonably new album that I have been enjoying of late. Gang Gang Dance - another Brooklyn band with a very eclectic mix of sounds to say the least. They released their 4th album this August after 3 years without a full-length studio LP and it's certainly worth your time. There are some interesting tribal, shoe-gaze, electronic, funk elements that overall make for something listenable and unusual - and often, downright awesome. At least one song sounds like MIA, another like M83, they're kind of all over the place. But they are more or less out there on their own, doing something very different that's simultaneously very accessible.

Listen: Saint Dymphna

PS - for all you folks in the NY area, David Byrne is performing at Radio City in the near future. Get on it. Saw his show a month ago in DC and the man is back! Full stage production, dancers, choreography, and his voice is like a bell. Excellent show, worth the dough. Not to mention, the new album is unbelievable and I hope you haven't slept on that one.

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