Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dub Trio - Exploring the Dangers of

These dudes are a Brooklyn supergroup pounding out legit King Tubby style dub. The drummer toured with The Fugees, Stu Brooks is G Units bass player, and DP plays guitar for Mos and Common. Basically, they're highly coveted musicians. And its no wonder, cause the three of them make this shit sound silky smooth, staying true to the dub sound with nothing more than looping effects and their respective instruments. Its tight. This is their debut from 03, which is super laid back and just plain dope. Their last record with Mike Patton's label Ipecac is a metal/dub blend, which is in many ways more impressive, but probably a little harder to get into for most. That being said, this record is just silly good. If you get a chance to see these dudes live, do not miss it.


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