Thursday, October 1, 2009

White Men Can Funk

This album is really excellent funk. Adam Gibbons is the main man behind Lack of Afro; a producer and multi-instrumentalist, he has combined some pre-existing songs with his own creations and the result is music that can make you tap down the street by yourself, or happily entertain some friends while eating dinner. There is of course a wonderful use of horns, essential to all that is funk, along with a steady rhythm in most of the tracks that keeps the head bobbing and the flow smooth. This album, called "Press On," was released in 2007 and he just came out with another called "My Groove, Your Move" that I haven't acquired just yet. I hope you enjoy the good times that derive from the good tunes.

Here is "Press On" by Lack of Afro.Add Image


B.J. Lorenzen said...

This is some pretty awesome music; I have never heard anything from this certain genre, but I love it.

Thanks for keeping the reviews coming. This blog is the only music blog I've felt any need to follow lately.

Brynna said...

Finally got around to this - excellent stuff. Thanks for posting.