Monday, March 1, 2010

Office Dance Party

Everyone was struggling in the office today after a pretty demanding weekend, so we bumped these tunes to pump us up for the rest of the afternoon. It worked:

New Edition-Cool It Now. So fly. So Fresh. Plus that kid in the orange can dunk.

George Benson - Give me the night
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George Benson-Give Me the Night. This guy is so silky smooth it's absurd. I mean the dude can play guitar and rollerskate backwards, all while delivering the sweetness.

Mary Jane Girls-Candyman. My love for this group is endless...well at least on a Saturday nights it is. It's impossible not to move your feet to their songs. See also: In My House & All Night Long


SB Stalker said...

Wow-that's what Bobby Brown looked like back then?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

these are all so awesome it moved me to make a comment.