Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Food For Animals

I ran across these guys in a local DC blog and checked them out. They've apparently got a pretty heavy following in Europe and Pitchfork is a fan. These DC-based hip-hop/electronic artists are definitely doing something different. They kind of sound like the sky is falling - or at least the roof. Vocalist is reminiscent of Gift of Gab, both in sound and quality. But it's got some serious abstract noise J-Dilla style production. Crazy crazy mix of sounds - seemingly clashing and impossible to rhyme over, but they pull it off.
They just released Belly - which I am going to work on procuring.

But check out their page: Belly and Geek Down are both pretty impressive.


Brandon said...

Wow, definitely something different. J Dilla style production? Maybe...if J Dilla was sent from the future to destroy all humans with his beats.

Raoul Duke said...

I went to highschool with two of these guys, and have been waiting years for them to blow up. They're huge in Europe and it's about fucking time that they got some respect stateside. RICKY RABBIT!!!!!

brynna said...

Well...J-Dilla in the sense that he could take a car horn and make it sound like something. But yes, an alien-robot version to be sure.