Saturday, January 26, 2008

Old Crow Medicine Show... and some peeps they wouldnt wanna meet in a dark ally

So apparently Lev posted these guys a while ago, but he obviously didn't sell them very well(Say Uncle were in trouble), cause I ignored that smelly hippie. It was a mistake, these guys rule.They sound like an Old-timie bluegrass band thats an eclectic mix of ages and races. They are completely fake, but they kind of embrace that all being white, fairly young, and from upstate new york. Tevski the albums are great, old timie blue grass with a current subject matter ranging from sex and drugs to kisses and hugs. Some songs are covers of classic folk songs some are adapted covers and some are originals. Think Oh brother where art thou, and what Whiskeytown wishes it was... (Ryan Adams you flakey hack)

(seeing the video is jarring close your eyes and imagine them singing fifty years ago with a black bass player... as I did)

Old Crow Medicine Show- Big Iron World

Old Crow Medicine Show- OCMS

The more I find out about it the less cool I think it is so Im gonna leave it at this. Banging Dr. Dre-style production by Black Milk (Detroit (and some guests...eyes rolling and a pfffffsh, including Jake One and Oh No who are both bubbling)) and pretty ill raps from Bishop Lamont (California (and a bunch of pretty solid guest appearances highlighted by Royce, Busta and Rass Kass)). This shit bangs lots of machismo pussy and gun talk. Punchlines galore. Think good Xzibit albums, chronic 2001, and anything else from when aftermath actually was HOT. Seriously lick a shot if your down with armageddie. Highy advised you check it out, best thing out of Hip Hop in a minute (other then the Freeway cd. Ill post that up too haha).

Black Milk presents Bishop Lamont and Black Milk are Caltroit


Brandon said...

This Old Crow shit is money, I'm really enjoying it. As for Caltroit, its decent...dude definitely has potential. Sidenote: why did Royce never blow up? Biggest underperformer in all of hip-hop? I mean who brags about being 5'9"?!? ITS DA 5-9 BABY...fucking hilarious.

Hall-DJ said...

He spits RIDICULOUS on the death is certain cds. If you dont have Ill up...