Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tittsworth and Codebreaker

DJ Tittsworth (yes actually his name) headlined a show last weekend here in DC at the 9:30 Club that was well worth the $10 entrance fee. Codebreaker, a DJ backed, electro-funk band that is part Parliament, part Prince, came on before Tittsworth.

Though I was three gin and tonics down by the time they reached the stage, upon never hearing this band before, I declared that they are definitely going to blow up this year. They had everyone dancing by the end of the set (I myself worked in a bevy of high kicks and fist pumps). Very smooth, very funky, very danceable, very fun - I would post some, but it seems iTunes is the only place I can find it and I'm cheap.

Then Tittsworth came out - he's somewhere between Girl Talk-style mashup Djs and your more standard Kanye-style production. Incredible set - but he really killed it when he threw in "I Can't Go for That."

Press clip says it best: "Tonight's edition is the heaviest one yet: It's headlined by Tittsworth, the accomplished turntablist whose blend of Baltimore Club, hip-hop, '80s mashups and remixes drops jaws as well as booties...his upcoming tour includes stops in Canada, Thailand and China before four days in Australia with Kanye West, Thievery Corporation, A-Trak and Pharoahe Monch." –Washington Post



Raoul Duke said...

Anyone interested in hearing this type of music should check out The Southpaw in BKLYN Heights, on the first saturday of every month to get down to The Rub. It is not unusual to see Tittsworth spinning with them, as he and DJ Ayers (Rub DJ) have many collaborations together.

Raoul Duke said...

Also- everyone should go see codebreaker as they are one of the most entertaining acts that I have seen recently. These guys are gonna be huge in the upcoming year.

Brandon said...

Wow that Codebreaker shit is hot - not to mention there's just something poetic about an electro band from Milwaukee. Let me know when you finally cave and buy the album