Friday, September 11, 2009

Aaron Neville with Allen Toussaint - "Hercules"

Brandon's post in late July got me listening to a lot of Allen Toussaint, so I thought I'd post one of my favorite Allen Toussaint produced songs, Aaron Neville's "Hercules".  ("Last Train", which a commenter so rightly highlighted, is a close second.  Oh and all of Rock of Ages by the Band; Toussaint did the horn arrangements.)  Aaron Neville is on his A game here - he floats out the falsetto (you know: the touuuchh, the feeeel of cawwwtonnnn) when the music calls for it, but otherwise reigns in his voice for some cool and clipped wisdom about the feats needed to survive in a hostile, mixed-up modern world.  Neville is great, but Toussaint's mellow production steals the show.  The bass line is downright infectious, and the way Toussaint folds in swelling horns, cool jazz guitar, timbales fills, and piano harmonies is masterful.  Wait for the point around 2:30 with just drums and rhythm guitar; so good.  Street life is hard, but Neville and Toussaint know how much it helps if you can just keep it funky. 



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