Monday, September 7, 2009

Numero Group

This post is really more informational than anything I think. In 2003, a couple of buddies got together and founded a record label - and I don't mean a recording label, I mean a record label. They started digging up old 45s and lost soul records and compiling them into new LPs. The result is Numero Group, a small, independent label with a terrific collection of old records. The first, linked below, is a new LP set drawn from the local, original recordings of Columbus-based Capital City Soul record company, founded by Mr. Bill Moss. Numero Group has since compiled dozens more LPs based around similar local record labels from back in the day. Excellent compilations of singles you would likely otherwise never get a chance to hear.

The guys who run this label are serious music nerds. Their business plan was essentially to cater to folks who like the idea of digging through record crates and discovering old gems, but don't actually enjoy the practical reality. So it's small, it's niche, but it's for all those folks who like good, soulful music, regardless of where it came from. These tracks are worn, raw, a little unfinished, and extremely fun to listen to - they call it "eccentric soul."

I'm not going to post any of the songs for download because I like these guys and I like what they're about, so I encourage you to actually pay for it. They're available on iTunes, or you can get a double LP for about $20.

ere's a taste - check out the second track by Marion Black. Their myspace page is pretty entertaining as well.

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