Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Cave Singers

Before your memories recall the Family Guy reenactment of the first song ever sung, know that The Cave Singers lead vocalist has a captivating raspy voice that makes me feel the peace of the countryside. They hail from Seattle, and the three man outfit has a simplicity to them that keeps their sound pure. Taxonomically speaking, I'd call them active Folk. They let lose on occasion, "Dancing on our Graves," but their instrumentation and overall vibe definitely inspire tranquility over chaos.

Here are their two albums for your auditory pleasure. Invitation songs is their first; it dropped in 2007. Welcome Joy was released just this year. They're on tour now and I believe heading east. I attended their show here in Chicago and really enjoyed it.

Happy Listening

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Brynna said...

Reminds me of Wilco. Good shit, thanks for posting.