Saturday, September 12, 2009

Late Night Drinkin' Music - "Loan Me A Dime"

         Feeling the urge to put on a good late night drunk, but just can’t decide on the perfect musical accompaniment?  In a “Best Songs” special issue of the UK magazine Q, the editors offered Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye” as the best song “for being alone at 2 AM with a bottle of red wine.”  If you aren’t feeling that brokenhearted and prefer, say, bourbon as your drink of choice, try “Loan Me A Dime” from Boz Scaggs’s eponymous debut.  (Note: This song does not sound like the softy rock “Lowdown,” “Lido Shuffle,” or “Harbor Lights".  None of ‘em.  I promise.)  This epic down-on-your-lady-luck blues cover validates your besotted melancholy with forlorn organs and a plodding beat, but then swings you out of the dumps with the rhythmic flex of the Muscle Shoals session players and Duane Allman’s screaming guitar.  Unlike most songs that last over ten minutes, this one also plays pretty well to the late-night crowd in your favorite dive bar.  

        The original by Chicago Blues guitarist Fenton Robinson is equally great (and much shorter) in its own right. It’s got some killer drumming and Robinson’s voice blows Boz’s out of the water.




Gandolf_The_Gr8 said...

Thanks a lot. This is just the song I've been looking for. Very sick. Love the blog, keep it coming.

Brynna said...

There is nothing wrong with Lowdown.

Raoul Duke said...

yeah- lay off the soft rock brah!

Tom said...

Alright, I admit it. Lowdown is good shit.