Friday, September 11, 2009

Washed Out will hyperextend your summer

Being 24 years old, Ernest Greene aka Washed Out's autobiography is pretty short, and would probably go something like this:

Hi, I'm one of the hottest musicians in the world right now, and my name is goddamn Ernest. I've spent my whole life in South Carolina and Georgia, living mostly on my parents' peach farm. I have a makeshift studio in the attic where I started making music a few months ago with virtually no training, experience, or money. My style, a dumbfounding combination of Californian pop, Italian disco, and John Hughes films, is basically Coppertone in sonic form and you really have no choice but to become obsessed with it. Other things about me that kick ass: I only release my records on cassette, my band name so perfectly mirrors the aesthetic of my music that all other descriptions fail in comparison, and I have a new album, by which I mean tape, coming out in a week. Did I mention I spent my entire life in rural Georgia?