Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Panda Bear- Person Pitch

This past summer my love for Animal Collective got a little out of control. I would listen to "For Reverend Green" and "Fireworks" countless times a day. During the month of August I would go through album after album, carefully dissecting all the intricate layers of music, never failing to be impressed by the careful thought and orchestration that clearly went into each song. However with Fall quickly approaching, and after celebrating and exhausting their entire catalogue it was time to move on, and discover some new music.

Enter stage right- Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox, founding member of Animal Collective). Now I know what you guys are thinking, "Chip this isn't really anything new, nor is it you kicking your addiction to Animal Collective." You're absolutely right! But I don't care, because this album rocks! You could say it's one of those two steps forward, three steps back kinda of things.

Person Pitch is actually the third solo album from Panda Bear, and was rated the best album of 2007 by Pitchfork Music. All the things you love about Animal Collective you will find in Person Pitch: those poignant lyrics, tight samples, creative beats, Brian Wilson-esque harmonies, and of course that hypnotic and celestial wall of sound that they do arguably better than anyone else. This album is surprisingly upbeat musically and lyrically compared to his other solo work. Call me crazy but this could be due in large part to Panda Bear moving away from Baltimore to Lisbon Portugal and marrying a beautiful fashion designer. Fortunately the quality of music has not taken a tole, as it does sometimes when other musicians start making money and stop being being poor & depressed artists (see Modest Mouse).

I suggest buying this album immediately, going to the park, and zoning out while watching the clouds go by. Without any further ado- "Bros"

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Dudel said...

This song is 8 layers of awesome! Not sure about zoning out exactly but this is defiantly something to chill to.