Friday, January 22, 2010

Who flipped it better featuring CFCF

Here's another gold star for the internet: Mike Silver was just another 21-year old Canadian dude a year ago when he decided to enter a Crystal Castles remix contest. He won the contest, and his retro-synth style got him further remix work from hipster elite like HEALTH and The Teenagers. Fast forward a year, and this virtual unknown drops an LP of straight 80's heat not seen since Doc retired the Delorean.

CFCF is on that same lo-fi balearic tip that everyone else on Pitchfork is, but he does it so, so much better. He has real patience, and it makes all the difference. To hear what I mean, check out "Invitation To Love", my favorite joint off of his album:

How badly do you want to be Hasselhoff in Nightrider right now? It's MURDAH

Now listen to Quiet Village's "Pillow Talk", who constructs a track using the exact same sample:

No contest right?


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