Monday, January 18, 2010

Homegrown tunes from SF - Chido

OK, I've been lookin for some feedback on my own shit, and I figured what better venue than to throw it up here amongst the critics extraordinaire. Some of you I know quite well, others not at all, but either way, I'm interested to hear what you guys think. We're a three piece gig called Chido - which loosely means "sweet" or "cool" in spanish (real original huh?) - and I won't really get into any self-criticism b/c I'm pretty sure nobody cares what I think about my own music. I will say the sound quality is mostly poor though. Funds are low, time is short and well, you get what you get sometimes. Anyway, let me know what impressions you get, good or bad, if you dig it, hate it, want to rip your ears off when you listen, etc. whatever it is, no worries.

There's really not a good genre label for this stuff, other than prog rock, or experimental, but it definitely revolves around rock the most - give it a go if you've got some time. It may take a few minutes to download cause I didn't send it in Mp3 format - it just doesn't sound as good when its too compressed.

yours truly on the drums


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