Sunday, January 31, 2010


With Mardi Gras right around the corner, and the Saints headed to the Super Bowl next Sunday, I felt like posting a couple albums from way down south in New Orleans..

Crippled from a childhood encounter with an ambulance, missing one eye (stories vary), drug addicted, alcoholic, black and gay in the deep South - James Booker had anything but an easy life. That being said he managed to become one of the most revered piano players in a town that has produced some of the greatest piano players ever to walk the earth. These sessions were recorded in 1976 in Hamburg, Germany where Booker was hiding out at the time (apparently he had some issues back home in the states having ripped off Apple Records for front cash on a project which never materialized).

James Booker - The Piano Prince

Here's a fonky little out of print rarity. It features Mac Rebennack ("You all know the Dr- Dr. John, Mr Mac Rebennack") in fine form w/ the Meters as his backing band and was produced by Mr. Allen Toussaint.

Dr. John - Desatively Bonnaroo

"Everything I do is funky like Lee Dorsey." -Mike D

This album is Dorsey's master work; Allen Toussaint wrote and arranged most of the songs, and the Meters play back up to Dorsey. Go ahead now and download this baby so you can start getting your soul thang on right away.

Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can

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Just wanted to comment and say I really love the blog. Satisfies my tastes for every emotion and all kinds of attitudes. If my professors knew of this, they'd have it deleted, as it takes precedence over a lecture or homework. Thanks.