Friday, January 22, 2010

Where's Hip hop Goin? Its Chicagoan.

Contemporary hip hop takes the most flak for lacking one thing my man F. Stokes will never be accused of missing : authenticity. From the opening slam to the final note, this debut effort is saturated with gritty rhymes and heavy hearted reflection. It doesn't hurt that DJ Lazerbeak brings the HEAT on every track while Stokes unloads his arsenal of stories.

Chi town stand up - this man is representin like a champ.

F. Stokes - Death of a Handsome Bride


Brynna said...

Nice title Los. You're such a poet.

Man, Meet Dinosaur. said...

"I'll let that lazerbeak hook carry like a hearse."

This shit too good man.

I gave him a shout here too