Friday, January 15, 2010

One and Done Feel-Good 90's Pop-Rock

All you kids be posting some of that ill new shit: droppin' the dope flow like an elderly urethra after a diuretic. I'm a make this plain and true for ya'll. I know very little to nothing about this band, Sonichrome. I think this is the only album they ever released: it's called Breathe the Daylight.

I bought it around the time it came out after a recommendation via the guy at The Wall (anyone remember those stores? Lifetime guarantees on CDs?). It's 1990's alternative pop-rock not unlike that of now-forgotten Buzz Bin stalwarts like the Gin Blossoms or Soul Asylum. Lyrically, it's very sharp, hooky and at times even dark; think Elvis Costello listening to Nirvana's MTV Unplugged. I've loved this album from the second I first heard it.

Standout tracks include "Honey Please," "Saloman" and "Summertime Love Affair." Amazon.Com says it came out in 1998. That explains this review: "...Sonichrome proves themselves to be one of the best new bands I have heard since Marcy Playground...." Aside from that comical delight, I highly suggest everyone take a listen. Its pop sensibilities are extremely well-honed and improve with each successive listening. I think it's out of print too, so enjoy.

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